Siau-Jiun Lim, an abstract Impressionism artist from Dunedin, New Zealand, creates a compelling body of work that unites humanity with nature, emphasizing habitat conservation. With a Bachelor Honus of Visual Art and a Con Hutton Scholarship, her art, recognized by the Wallace Arts Trust, reflects a deep connection to the environment. Siau-Jiun's portfolio blends humanity and nature, advocating habitat conservation in today's eco-conscious era. Her bold material experimentation includes acrylic, ink, pastel, wax, and unconventional elements like feathers, leaves, and recycled materials. Drawing inspiration from life, she engages in community projects, blending art with life. Inspired by artists like Joan Mitchell and Wolf Kahn, Siau-Jiun believes art transcends canvas, contributing her creativity to collaborative projects and exhibitions. She sees every endeavour as an opportunity to deepen the conversation between art, humanity, and nature, embodying the belief that art catalyzes change and preserves our environment as part of humanity's development.
Siau-Jiun was originally from Malaysia and called New Zealand as home for over 18 years, her upbringing and cultural heritage infuse her works with a rich and multifaceted identity mixed with New Zealand's environmental idealism. Her works reflect the complex yet harmonious interrelationship between human culture and the natural world, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of all things.

Webb Farry Lawyers private exhibition -solo

June 2017
St Lenord Shcool fundraising exhibitions
Otago University students fundraising for 
November 2017
Group Exhibition at Dunedin School of Art, Dunedin, New Zealand
Alive? 2017 - Collections from Wallace Arts Trust  
November 2017
Dunedin Art Exhibition, Edgar Centre

David Con Hutton Art Award

1-12 March 2019
Solo Exhibition at Robert Piggott Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand
November 2019
Group Exhibition at Dunedin School of Art, Dunedin, New Zealand
Take a Move 2019 - Collections from Wallace Arts Trust 

November 2020
Art+ Water exhibition, sciences and art collaboration project- Sinclair Wetland, HD Skinner AnnexOtago Museum 
November 2020
Dunedin Art Exhibition, Edgar Centre

1995- 1998
Malaysian Institute School of Art
Diploma in Graphic Design (Distinction)
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Bachelor of Art (Graphic Design), Multimedia (Distinction)

2007 - 2023
Night classes at Dunedin School of Art
in life drawing, photography darkroom, prints and ceramic

Graduate Diploma of Visual Art, (Distinctions) Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand

Bachelor Honus of Visual Art (Second Class), Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand
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